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Stressful divorces linked to increase in hair loss for women

Those who frequently read our Milwaukee divorce law blog may have come to the simple conclusion by now that the divorce process is complex. Not only do individuals suffer emotional pain when faced with the fact that their marriage is over, but recent studies have indicated that divorce can also take a toll on one's physical health.

Last month, a study reported that men are more likely to gain weight after divorce. Our female readers may be happy to know that at least if their marriage fails they are less likely to gain weight after divorce, but women are not in the clear of dodging health concerns. Another study has indicated that divorce may actually cause hair loss in women.

So why is divorce affecting the health of men and women, and why are women more susceptible to losing their hair compared to men? For many, the answer is simple: divorce is stressful.

Those who are in the midst of a divorce have a lot on their mind. Divorce is a life-changing event. Living arrangements change, finances must be managed differently and families must adjust to following new visitation or custody schedules. All of these changes take place at the same time and can be very overwhelming if individuals do not have an attorney to guide them through the complex legal issues.

Both men and women experience stress during divorce, but the study suggests that women are more troubled by their emotions and all of the issues that must be addressed during divorce.

The study examined the correlation between one's lifestyle and his or her hair pattern. Researchers analyzed how 84 female identical twins and 66 male identical twins were affected by external factors that are known to be linked to hair loss such as marital status, excessive sleep, tobacco use, sun exposure and alcohol.

The study concluded that women who were divorced or widowed experienced more problems with hair loss compared to women who were happy with their marriages. The majority of men experiencing hair loss was mainly due to genetics.

Although there is no scientific proof on how to prevent hair loss, individuals who work with an attorney during their divorce may experience less stress, and in turn preserve their health, knowing that their rights are properly being protected.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Hair Loss-Divorce Correlation: Study Suggests Splits Cause Hair Loss In Women," Stephanie Hallett, Sept. 21, 2011

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